ESD electricial static gloves

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We humans conduct electricity very well. Static discharges can cause serious accidents, for example when flammable liquids and explosive gases are being handled. In industrial settings, sensitive electronics can be damaged or destroyed if they are installed without using ESD protection. Anyone who deals with the production or maintenance of sensitive electronic equipment needs to

To protect ourself, gloves and masks as improtant

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The global health and diplomacy expert Laurie Garrett( Harvard University’s public health major) wrote a documentary report on the approaching plague of the Coming Plague》() and won the Pulitzer Prize for News. During SARS 2003, she was interviewed in Hong Kong and mainland China. For the recent outbreak of new coronavirus in Wuhan, she told

White cotton disposable gloves against COVID

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Does wearing gloves help against COVID? If your hands are clear, the latter products may actually help prevent virus. Keep several pairs of cotton gloves around the house to protect your hands while doing chores. … (The latex in rubber gloves cancause allergies.) Afterward, wash eczema reusable gloves inside-out and let them air dry thoroughly.

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