What are Hot Mill Gloves Used for?

Hot mill gloves, also known as heat-resistant gloves or heat-resistant mitts, are a type of specialized protective gloves designed to handle high-temperature environments. They are used in industrial settings where workers may encounter hot objects, materials, or equipment, such as in metalworking, glass manufacturing, foundries, and other high-temperature processes. Here are some key features and uses of hot mill gloves:

Hot Mill Gloves in Heat resistance:

Heat resistance: Hot mill gloves are made from materials that provide excellent heat resistance, allowing workers to handle hot objects and materials safely. The gloves are designed to withstand high temperatures without transferring heat to the wearer’s hands.

Hot Mill Gloves in Heavy-duty protection:

Heavy-duty protection: These gloves are typically thick and offer heavy-duty protection against radiant heat, convective heat, and contact heat. They provide a barrier between the hot surface and the wearer’s hands, preventing burns and injuries.

Hot Mill Gloves in Abrasion resistance:

Abrasion resistance: Hot mill gloves may also have good abrasion resistance, allowing workers to handle rough and abrasive materials in high-temperature environments. Hot mill gloves are essential for protecting workers from burns and injuries caused by high-temperature materials and equipment. However, it’s crucial to select the appropriate gloves based on the specific temperature range and type of heat encountered in the work environment. Different materials, such as Kevlar, Nomex, leather, or other specialized fabrics, may be used to make hot mill gloves, each with varying temperature resistance capabilities.