What are ski gloves / snowboard gloves?

They are a type of protective handwear designed specifically for skiing and snowboarding activities. They are an essential piece of gear for keeping your hands warm, dry, and protected in cold weather conditions while enjoying winter sports.

Design and Construction

Ski gloves and snowboard gloves are typically made of durable, waterproof, and breathable materials such as nylon or polyester shells. The outer shell provides protection against moisture, wind, and abrasion. Inside the glove, there is insulation to provide warmth, usually in the form of synthetic materials like Thinsulate or down. The gloves may also have a waterproof membrane, such as Gore-Tex, to prevent water from seeping in while allowing moisture to escape.

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Warmth and Insulation

Feature various levels of insulation to provide warmth in different weather conditions. The insulation is measured in grams per square meter (gsm), with higher values indicating greater warmth. For mild weather, gloves with insulation ranging from 40-80 gsm may be suitable. For colder conditions, gloves with 100-200 gsm insulation or more are recommended.

Ski Gloves and Snowboard Gloves Waterproofing

They are designed to be waterproof or water-resistant to keep your hands dry in snowy or wet conditions. The outer shell material and the presence of a waterproof membrane contribute to the gloves’ water resistance. However, it’s essential to note that gloves can become saturated over time, especially in heavy precipitation or when exposed to wet snow.

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Ski Gloves and Snowboard Gloves Breathability

They should also offer breathability to allow moisture and perspiration to escape. This helps prevent your hands from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable, as excessive moisture can make your hands cold. Breathable gloves typically have a membrane that allows moisture vapor to pass through while blocking external moisture.