Some people think the normal glove is just keep warm and no any use against the virus, “Is it useful to wear the cotton gloves to prevent the virus” Recently, the expert from USA give us the answer: it is very important to put on the gloves, as for the glove material, most gloves is useful, but it is better if 100% cotton material.

Now, almost all prevention manuals and disease control experts stress the need to wash hands frequently, so it’s a consensus that hands can spread the virus, but after all, no one has the conditions to wash hands anytime, anywhere, so I call for the importance of gloves .” Zhu health academician shares in the circle of friends.

There are three reasons to support his view. First, the ability of gloves to stick to virus is far weaker than the ability of hand skin to adsorb virus; second, the virus will also survive far longer on the skin of the hand than on the glove; third, the hand wearing gloves will reduce the depth of contact, nose, eye.

Recently, experts told people not to wear gloves, that the gloves are unclean easily caused by infection. Zhu believes that “this view is very lack of biological common sense, has become a huge gap in the epidemic prevention work .” He said the spread of the outbreak stems from the spread of droplets and contact, wearing gloves out of the door will greatly block the spread of contact, effectively protect themselves and others. Gloves need to be kept clean and dry if reused, wash frequently.

“If you’re already a carrier of the virus, wearing gloves can greatly block the spread of the disease caused by touching people or sharing objects .” Zhu health emphasizes.
Against the new virus, wearing gloves is necessary. Finally, zhu health academician repeatedly stressed the importance of wearing gloves ,” so, wear gloves, wear gloves, important things to say three times .”