Risk of transmission
Zhang Zhoubin introduced that in the daily home environment, mobile phones, telephones, mouse and keyboard, light switches, faucets, door handles and so on are often touched by people, but the hygiene situation is often ignored, resulting in potential indirect transmission risks, which need to be highly valued.

Mobile phones
Zhang Zhoubin introduced that he himself has two habits :” after going home to wash his hands, wipe the mobile phone with a disinfectant wipes, and drag the floor with 84 disinfectant and water at night. These two habits now seem very important. Zhang Zhoubin suggested keyboard, mouse, light switch and so on, can also refer to the cleaning way of mobile phone, wipe with disinfectant wipes.
Zhang Zhoubin reminded that the floor and other surfaces can be disinfected with disinfectant. When choosing disinfectant solution, want to choose the product with “Wei Xiao card word” license number on the back, disinfection effect is more secure.
The faucet is also a clean blind spot, should also pay attention to clean the faucet in hand washing. Zhang Zhoubin pointed out ,” there are not many families with automatic induction faucet, most people wash their hands to turn on the faucet, after washing and then turn off the faucet. If someone has a virus in their hands, wash their hands and turn off the faucet.
After going to the toilet, in order to prevent water spatter in the toilet, should cover and press the flush key. After going to the toilet and flushing the toilet, wash your hands in time, and it is best to flush the toilet lid regularly.