HONGMEIDA Glove factory is an ISO9001 Quality Accredited glove manufacture, we founded in 2000, after more than 20 years of continuous development and innovation, HMD GLOVE has become the largest glove factory in North of China, Our factory with more than 800 workers, and more than 1000 machines, good quality, competitive price and delivery time is guaranteed.

In the new year of 2020, we apply ISO certificate, and now we get the certificate, it can help us to improve our competitive in quality, management ect.
The executive meeting of the State Council held on April 7 decided that the 127th Canton Fair would be held online in late June. It will be the first time that China’s oldest trade event will be held entirely on the Internet, so that Chinese and foreign merchants will not leave home to place orders and do business. At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation in the global spread, the situation is grim. The meeting decided to invite customers at home and abroad to display products online, use advanced information technology, provide all-weather online promotion, for collection and docking, online negotiations and other services, to create a high-quality characteristic goods online foreign trade platform.

The “online Canton Fair” has actually been held for many years, but not the “protagonist “, but as a” supporting role “of the live fair, play a role in supporting display and trading. Now, affected by the global outbreak, on-site trade fairs have been forced to suspend, instead of “online Canton Fair “, the first full network form of trade fair, is a breakthrough innovation, not only can effectively hedge the negative impact of the epidemic, but also the iterative upgrading of traditional exhibitions, making full use of new technologies, new models, improve the quality and efficiency of the fair.