Boston residents call for caution and compliance with snow

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Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced a snowstorm ahead of the expected winter blizzard. The total amount of snow cover may be between 9 and 13 inches, and in some areas it may be as high as 15 inches, and wind speeds are expected to reach 45 mph. It is recommended that residents implement a

The cotton gloves are hand washable

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Machine-washable cotton gloves are very easy to clean, as you can simply toss them in the washing machine. Other gloves will need to be washed by hand. The product descriptions contain details about the recommended methods of care for thecotton gloves currently available.

Our new glove factory openned

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HONGMEIDA Glove factory is an ISO9001 Quality Accredited glove manufacture, we founded in 2000, after more than 20 years of continuous development and innovation, HMD GLOVE has become the largest glove factory in North of China, Our factory with more than 800 workers, and more than 1000 machines, good quality, competitive price and delivery time


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Risk of transmission Zhang Zhoubin introduced that in the daily home environment, mobile phones, telephones, mouse and keyboard, light switches, faucets, door handles and so on are often touched by people, but the hygiene situation is often ignored, resulting in potential indirect transmission risks, which need to be highly valued. Mobile phones Zhang Zhoubin introduced


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Some people think the normal glove is just keep warm and no any use against the virus, “Is it useful to wear the cotton gloves to prevent the virus” Recently, the expert from USA give us the answer: it is very important to put on the gloves, as for the glove material, most gloves is useful, but

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