Mayor Martin J. Walsh today announced a snowstorm ahead of the expected winter blizzard. The total amount of snow cover may be between 9 and 13 inches, and in some areas it may be as high as 15 inches, and wind speeds are expected to reach 45 mph. It is recommended that residents implement a parking ban from 6 pm, when vehicles parked on the snow emergency artery will begin to be towed away. New York City urges residents to abide by snow regulations, and all commuters must be extra careful when traveling during their commute on Thursday. The Thursday and Friday after the storm is expected to be dry, with low temperatures and wind chill.
Mayor Walsh said: “Since March 2019, 21 months ago, there has been no major snowstorm in Boston. I urge everyone to be prepared.” “I ask all residents and workers to be vigilant. Be cautious on roads and sidewalks. Our Public Works Department (PWD) will work hard to pre-treat and clean roads during the snowy period. I thank them for their hard work. We ask residents and businesses to do their best to ensure safety and eradicate sidewalks. Sidewalks, catch basins and fire hydrants, and look for neighbors. The City of Boston will continue to share the latest information throughout the storm.”
Boston City Hall and all municipal departments will be closed on December 17 (Thursday). The location of the Boston Public Library will be closed, including the BPL To Go service. The municipal department will reschedule the appointment with residents scheduled for December 17 (Thursday). All youth and family centers in Boston have been closed and on-site programming has been cancelled.
The Department of Public Works will have equipment to pre-treat Boston’s roads before the snowfall, and it will be able to place more than 600 pieces of equipment on city streets. The Ministry of Public Works currently has 44,000 tons of salt.
The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is in contact with the National Weather Service to obtain detailed forecasts for the city of Boston and to ensure that the city government has a plan to deal with the forecast. Residents can register to receive AlertBoston notifications via phone, SMS or email. Residents can call 311 for questions related to non-emergency situations.
In these nine months, the coronavirus has swept the United States, killing 300,000 people, and grief has intensified.
In these nine months, the coronavirus has swept the United States, killing 300,000 people, and grief has intensified.
This press release was produced by the City of Boston. The views expressed here are those of the author.